VAWT 3 phase axial flux low RPM wind turbine generator

Image of VAWT 3 phase axial flux low RPM wind turbine generator
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ONE Brand new Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine GENERATOR to be used for 12V battery charging.
The gear-less (direct drive) 3 phase AC axial flux generator has 24 very strong 25x25x12mm neodymium magnets and 1000 grams of copper inside.
It will reach 14VAC at about 120 RPM.
Very very low start and running resistance.
To be used for VAWT usage only. The number of rotations should remain under 500 RPM. It was designed for low RPM applications (100 - 400 RPM).
The axis / axle is a 20mm diameter (H9 passing) stainless steel rod.

INCLUDED: rain protection cap.
REMARK: We recommend the 2-blade economical H-rotor in another listing (see our other products).

Materials used:
The generator housing is made from very strong recyclable PET.
High quality bearings.
4 M10 threaded rods reinforce the structure.

Under the right conditions a very reasonable yield.
You like to build and control things yourself.
Because a Darrieus VAWT has more tolerance to turbulence.
You will be charging a 12V battery bank (with PWM or MPPT boost/buck), or a 24V battery bank (with MPPT boost).
You want to generate your own electrical energy.
You like to see a nice and beautiful wind turbine spin.
It is easy maintainable.
You want to contribute to a better and cleaner environment.

weight 10kg