VAWT Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with 3 phase axial flux generator

Image of VAWT Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with 3 phase axial flux generator
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This is a Brand new Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (H-rotor) with a with low RPM generator to be used for 12V battery charging.

The blades have a height of 1 meter, and the diameter of the wind turbine is 1 meter.
The gear-less (direct drive) 3 phase AC axial flux generator has 24 very strong 25x25x12mm neodymium magnets and 1000 grams of copper inside. The between-phase resistance is about 3.3 Ohm.
It will generate 5 Watts DC at a wind speed of 4 m/s (13VDC cut-in at about 3.5 m/s and 120 RPM), and up to 100 Watts DC at 12 m/s.
INCLUDED: Matching hub, M8 nuts and bolts, blade arms and blade connectors are provided.
The blades are made of individual plastic elements (PETG) that fit together.
This is a genuine good product that performs. It has the dimensions and technology to deliver on promises.
To create electricity efficiently, you need speed. A Darrieus wind turbine is able to get its blades to run faster than the wind speed. The recipe of this product has the correct radius, height, solidity, airfoil, angle of attack and low mechanical turning resistance to make it WORK.
When looking at the performance of a wind turbine in general, do not look at the so-called maximum rating at some obscure high wind speed. Look at the size (radius for a HAWT, or width and height for a VAWT), because that is the most important factor to look at. The size, together with the tip-speed ratio, and the ability to have aerodynamic lift, will drive the efficiency of the energy harvesting capabilities of a wind turbine.
Beware! No windmill, will be able to make decent power without access to a good wind source. Turbulence is bad for all wind turbine types, but a VAWT is better at coping with it - up to a certain point.

REMARK: We recommend this 2-blade economical H-rotor, and although in theory this is not 100% self-starting – as can be proven in a wind tunnel – it always starts on all the real sites (and with real wind conditions) we tested.

Materials used:
The blade modules are made from very strong recyclable PET.
High quality bearings.
Precise laser cut support arms in stainless steel (8 mm thick).
Easy starting airfoil design.

Under the right conditions (position, wind and tower height) a very reasonable yield for its size.
You like to build and control things yourself.
Because a Darrieus VAWT has more tolerance to turbulence.
It is a battery charger. So you will be charging a 12V battery bank (with PWM or MPPT boost/buck), or a 24V battery bank (with MPPT boost).
You want to generate your own electrical energy.
You like to see a nice and beautiful wind turbine spin.
It is whisper quiet.
It is easy maintainable.
You want to contribute to a better and cleaner environment.

Box of 1,2m x 0,4m x 0,4m
weight 25kg