VAWT Darrieus Blade, length = 1m

Image of VAWT Darrieus Blade, length = 1m
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ONE (1!) Brand new Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade.
The blades have a height of 1 meter, and are to be used for a wind turbine with a diameter of 1 meter.

INCLUDED Parts per blade:
2 x M8 1 metre threaded rod
4 x M8 connector
4 x M8 locking nut
8 x M8 washer
2 x M6 +40mm bolt
2 x M6 washer
2 x M6 locking nut
2 x 17mm stainless steel banding, +/-63cm
4 x blade profile 200mm
2 x blade profile 95mm
2 x blade support arm profile
8 x blade spacer (hexagonal – round)
2 x stainless steel banding connector (topside)
2 x stainless steel banding connector (underside)
2 x blade-end profile
1 x support arm with blade profile from stainless steel (8mm thick!)

The blades are made of individual plastic elements that fit together.
The colors of the individual elements can be white, black and red. Please specify the specific color pattern you would like by sending us a message after the sale (but before the item is sent).


To create electricity efficiently, you need speed. A Darrieus wind turbine is able to get its blades to run faster than the wind speed. The recipe of this product has the correct radius, height, solidity, airfoil, and angle of attack.

Beware that a Darrieus has a low starting torque but a high working torque, meaning it will not be able to start your generator if it has a high mechanical turning resistance.

REMARK: We recommend the 2-wing economical H-rotor. (See our other products for sale).
To build your own Darrieus H-rotor you need either 2 blades, or 3 blades.
Then you need to select the proper hub. (See our other products for sale).

Materials used:
The blade modules are made from very strong recyclable PET plastic.
Precise laser cut support arms made from stainless steel (8 mm thick).
Easy starting airfoil design.

You like to build and control things yourself.
Because a Darrieus VAWT has more tolerance to turbulence.
You want to generate your own electrical energy.
You like to see a nice and beautiful wind turbine spin.
It is whisper quiet.
It is easy maintainable.
You want to contribute to a better and cleaner environment.

weight 5kg